nano HPLC Column

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Analytical nano flow columns for HPLC. The columns are used in combination with Bruker nanoElute for the following applications:

  • Bruker TEN is a part of Discovery Kit. It is used for the analysis of the individual fractions with short gradients to achieve reasonable overall measurement time per sample.
  • Bruker FIFTEEN can be used for QC
  • Bruker FORTY is used for proteomics applications 
Bruker TEN
Bruker FORTY
Part number 1866154 1842621 1842619
Length 100 mm 150 mm 400 mm
ID 75 µm 75 µm 75 µm
Particle size 1.9 µm 1.9 µm 1.9 µm
Pore size 120A 120A 120A
Column type RP RP RP
Stationary phase C18 ReproSil AQ C18 ReproSil AQ C18 ReproSil AQ
Max. Temperature 60 °C 60 °C 60 °C
 Max Pressure 1000 bar 1000 bar 1000 bar