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Imaging Spare Parts for Mouse Brain/Body Tip SUC (P/N T12558)

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Modular Mouse beds consist of a Mouse bed base (T12555) and a tip that is mounted on the front part of the base. The Mouse Brain/Body Tip SUC (T12558) is dedicated for mouse body applications with AutoPac/ManPac and for use with surface coils.


The following spare parts are available

  • Tooth Bar Mouse
  • Plugs and Screws Set for T12558
    • 6x ear plug mouse
    • 6x pin for surface coil
    • 3x screw M4x8
    • 4x countersunk screw Nylon M4x8
    • Red mount pin 6x16
    • 2x red mount pins 6x37
  • Coil Fixation Pins (10x) (Please inquire for price)
  • Non-Magnetic Screwdriver: for safe use in the magnetic field
  • Hose Set, includes:
    • 1x hose coupling female
    • 1x hose coupling male
    • 1x elbow fitting
    • 3 m hose 1.6X3.2