SCiLS Lab Core

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SCiLS Lab Core / SCiLS Lab MVS Core

SCiLS Lab Core / SCiLS Lab MVS Core provides three USB sticks (dongles) to hold the floating licenses of SCiLS Lab.

SCiLS Lab Core offers wide-ranging possibilities for data visualization and enables to perform statistical analysis for single MALDI imaging data sets (e.g. spatial segmentation and co-localization analysis). This item is compatible with Bruker’s mass specs autofleX, ultrafleXtreme, rapifleX, timsTOF fleX, scimaX, and solariX.

SCiLS Lab MVS Core enables to load and analyze mass spectrometry imaging data based on the vendor-neutral imzML format as well as based on proprietary Bruker file formats. For imzML, data sets must not exceed 40,000 spectra.

Note: SCiLS Lab Core is usually included in the Imaging Starter Kits. Users who already have a SCiLS Lab Core (Bruker only) license and want to obtain SCiLS Lab MVS (multi-vendor support) for their existing license can book the “Upgrade to SCiLS Lab MVS Core”.