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Bruker TEN

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Bruker TEN is an analytical C18 nano flow column used for separation of peptides. It can be used either for direct analysis of peptides in one-dimensional separation or for separation of peptide fractions upon high-pH or SCX/HILIC/SAX fractionation of complex proteomics samples.

Bruker TEN is an indispensable tool for the classical separation approach in proteomics and enables the analysis of samples with high sensitivity. As a shorter column, faster separation gradients can be used, yielding results up to three times faster than columns used in standard proteomics workflows.

Bruker TEN can be used for the analysis of up to 50 samples per day. When coupled to the timsTOF series and dia-PASEF® analytical methods, the Bruker TEN delivers unparalleled results in a fraction of a time with unmatched sensitivity

Furthermore, this column makes an excellent addition to system suitability workflows to monitor the performance of your entire LC-MS system.

Bruker TEN is part of the Discovery Bundle, a dedicated solution for proteomics based on Bruker timsTOF series instruments.

Please also consider Bruker FIFTEEN as an additional option with comparable analytical figures of merit but increased peak capacity.

Length 100 mm
ID 75 µm
Particle size 1.9 µm
Pore size 120 A
Column type RP
Stationary phase C18 ReproSil AQ
Max. Temperature 60 °C
Max Pressure 1000 bar

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