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Fourier 80 GoScan ID Management

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GoScan with Identity Management extends the functionality of GoScan, a software to streamline and automate acquisition of FT-NMR experiments, with a user management system.

GoScan with ID Management ensures every user has secure access to the functions they require by assigning different user roles and associated rights.  Our two pre-defined types of users guarantee an immediate implementation, plus user role assignments can be customized based on the needs.

Requirements: GoScan 4.0.1 with TopSpin 4.1.4.

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Top features

  • Create, modify, or remove: Definition of user roles (e.g., Admin, Operator) made possible from the start
  • Admin acts as Superuser having full control of all features in GoScan
  • Limited rights for operators to only view and edit their own experiments
  • Personalization and detailed role assignment of individual user accounts possible, based on the rights required

Connect to multiple GoScans with the same user management