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MALDI IntelliSlides

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Bruker’s IntelliSlides is a dedicated solution designed to simplify your MALDI Imaging workflows by enabling automated setup of each measurement. IntelliSlides incorporate permanent inscriptions that indicates optimal placement of samples, registration marks (also known as teach marks or fiducials) that make automated sample registration possible, as well as providing a unique slide identifier for software tracking. IntelliSlides are the optimal tool for increasing measurement efficiency and throughput for any MALDI Imaging study.


  • Simplification of the sample preparation
  • Excellent traceability and sample tracking due to slide markings with barcode and serial number
  • All inscriptions on conductive slide surface
  • Automated image acquisition set up with fleXimaging 5.1 and above
  • Compatible with histology and microscopy techniques
  • Single-use consumable to avoid potential sources of contamination

The product is supplied as a box of 50 slides, individually barcoded.


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