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MALDI AnchorChip Targets

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Patented AnchorChip™ targets are polished steel targets with hydrophilic sample and calibrant spots surrounded by a hydrophobic barrier for MALDI sample preparation. Sample positions on contain "anchors"; hydrophilic patches surrounded by a hydrophobic ring. The "anchor" localizes droplets at the sample position and the hydrophobic ring prevents sample spreading and concentrates the sample into a spot between 0.4 and 2 mm in diameter. The localization effect ensures that every single laser shot fired throughout an automatic run will hit a sample spot. This significantly increases the efficiency of the MALDI acquisition process.

Compatible with autoflex, ultraflex , rapifleX, timsTOF fleX, scimaX and solariX series instruments.

The MTP target frame III (Part No. 8074115) is required to mount MTP targets in Bruker MALDI ion sources.

Part No. 8280790 8280787 8280788 8280792
Product Name MTP AnchorChip 384 BC MTP AnchorChip 1536 BC MTP BigAnchor 384 BC MTP SmallAnchor 384 BC
Spot diameter (µm)
800 800 2000 400
Sample spots 384 1536 384 384
Calibrant spots 96 176 96 96
Autoteaching Yes No Yes Yes


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