NMR Standard Reference Sample for 1mm Probes

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Certified NMR Reference Standard for full Operational Qualification of 1mm Bruker Probes.

Test Composition
1H Sensitivity Z100927 0.1% Ethylbenzene (EB) in Chloroform-d, 1mm
Water Suppression Z100930 10 mM Sucrose 0.5 mM DSS 2 mM NaN3 in D2O/H2O 10/90, 1mm
1H lineshape Z100926 3% Chloroform (CHCl3) in Acetone-d6, 1mm
15N & 13C Pulse Calibration

Z100932 100 mM 15N-enriched Urea 100 mM 13C-enriched Methanol in DMSO-d6, 1mm

31P Sensitivity Z100934 0.485 M Triphenylphosphate (TPP) in Acetone-d6, 1mm
Gradient Recovery Test Z100933 0.1 mg GDCl3/ml D2O with 1% H2O + 0.1% CH3OH 13C, 1mm